Who and Why?

Assessment Types

Individual Assessments

This gives an athlete the chance to sit down on a one to one basis with a visual performance expert and discuss their sport in detail . Areas of particular interest in personal development are also broken down and aims are set out.

A Screening Process uncovers strengths and weaknesses. Once these are addressed a detailed Training Programme is developed. This programme aims to broaden overall ability by challenging different visual function processes and to target the areas of individual development set out at the start.

100% of the Sportsight assessment will be geared towards how the athletes’ visual performance can be strengthened to it’s highest level.

General Screening Coaches Performance Enhancement

To determine where each player stands in the area of visual performance.

– Who would benefit from some specialised intervention if a weakness is discovered.

– If all is well, who would be interested in taking their visual performance to the next level.

    Player Profiling

    The information gathered through a Sportsight screen can be a useful tool in building a player profile.

    Ability: The information can be used as an aid to judge players for ability and to play them in their strongest position.
    E.g Rugby

  • Which of the two potential out halves have the strongest vision?
  • Which wing would this right eye dominant player play better on and are they playing in that position?
  • Aid Development – Whose playing potential may be limited by visual difficulty or weakness. Can this be helped?

    Academy Level

    Academy years are an important time of an athlete’s life.

    – Discovering any performance limiting qualities can be especially useful at this stage to allow them to progress to their full potential.

    – Equiping these young athletes with all the necessary skills to develop and excel can be very fruitful at this early level. Without question an introduction to Visual Performance Training is something that will be of immense benefit throughout their competitive career.

    – For those elite players who have already proven themselves on the field of play.

    – For all those who have done well on the initial Sportsight Screening Process.

    Where to next?

    Adding a visual training programme to the already tried and tested regime gives an opportunity
    – to enhance skills
    – broaden ability
    – unlocking sporting excellence.