Sportvision Concept

“Here comes the science”

The laws of Sportvision propose that for most sports, the primary vision skills required are based around two principles:

  1. AIM

Research has shown that all sports need a combination of these two primary skills. The proportion of one to another varies with the given sport.

E.g. Darts: AIM     Tennis: ANTICIPATION

With these principles in mind a formal testing program was developed to investigate visual function and its contribution to sporting performance. These tests are carried out through the Screening process.

The aim is to discover any weaknesses in the visual system and correct these.  Strengths are highlighted and optimised.

Next Step: Visual Enhancement Programme

After the Screening, a Training Programme is recommended.  This programme will strive to optimise visual skills crucial in sport:

-Hand Eye Co-ordination    – Spatial Awareness    -Aim    -Judgement    -Tracking    -Scanning    -Speed of Reaction    -Focus and Refocus Ability    -Endurance    -Concentration    -Decision Making

Visual awareness as a whole is trained and heightened.

The programme cannot do it alone though! A holistic approach to improving skills is adapted.  The theory?

The best form of eye exercise is playing the game with normal binocular vision established and any visual deficiencies corrected.

Local Optometrist vs Optometrist with Sportvision speciality?

An optometrist trained in a Sportvision Diploma takes their already expert knowledge of the visual systems in all its complexity and concentrates specifically on how it relates to a specific sport.

The spotlight is taken off everyday visual function and shone on you and your sport. Your sport has centre stage!